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Summary of Modification for PWPBMSU
PWPBMSU (version 8.7.C) This OUS-developed process validates the PWRPBMS table data (excluding those On-Hold) coming from the PEBB.BENEFITS system. Validated records are then updated in the Banner tables; PDRBDED, PDRDEDN, PERDHIS, PDRBENE and PDRBCOV. There is one condition when rows can be deleted from the PDRBDED and PDRDEDN tables - if the transaction code equals D and the row in PDRDEDN has an Effective Date in the future, the deduction can be removed since payroll has not been processed. PWRPBMS data is populated by the PWPBMSL program and modified by the PWABMSM form. If the input parameter indicates `Update', any data that does not contain errors is used to update various Banner tables; rows are inserted into PWHPBMS (history table) and deleted from PWRPBMS. Rows containing errors remain in PWRPBMS. Reports are created reflecting Banner rows updated and rows remaining in PWRPBMS due to errors. If the input parameter indicates `Audit', data is validated but does not update Banner, and no tables are modified and only one report is produced. Modifications made to fix the PXM limit in PWPBMSU from $5,000 to $2,500.
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