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Summary of Modification for PWPCBNC
Version 8.5.G This an OUS created process that calculates subsidies, prorates part time employee contributions, and calculates a minimum guaranteed amount for part time employees. Employee class codes, hours worked in the month, and deduction codes and plans are used to determine eligibility and amounts. Select from PEBEMPL where benefit category code is PB, FE, XX, or FU and the PHRJOBS record is primary, and at disposition 29. Non-active records are (as of version 3.2.e) selected and an error message is printed for them. Extensive checks are made for eligibility. All of the following will result in an error and processing discontinued for this person: - This person is a job share, deduction type of B6. Will show the contribution on the report. - Hours worked for this pay month are below 80. A 0 replace is done for the contribution deduction, if the E class was not entered as a parameter. - No active contribution, dental, medical or opt-out, or basic life deduction. - If full time and not an opt-out, a subsidy deduction code does not exist. The elected amount is calculated as medical amount + dental amount + vision + life amount. The life amount comes from the ptrbdpl table for deduct CL1, plan A. Proration: For part time persons (e-classes CB & CE & GJ) who work less than 160 hours the deduction amounts must be prorated. The employee and employer contribution amounts are prorated as contribution amount * (hours worked / hours in month). The contribution amounts are then replaced on the contribution code in PDRBDED. Earned Hours: The sum of earned hours from PHREARN for a PIDM for a given year/payid/payno. The summed hours are only for sequence zero (major payroll). The earn code and earn group code criteria are the following: ptrearn_unit_ind = 'H' ptrearn_cash_ind = 'Y' ptrearn_ergr_code in ('LV','RH','RS','SA','OT')
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