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Summary of Modification for PWPRETC
PWPRETC (Version 8.3.A) This program creates the Retirement Vesting By Contributions report and updates PWBOEMP (vesting_date) for those employees found to be vested. The employee is vested based on the following rules: 1. Must not already have a value in PWBOEMP_VESTING_DATE 2. Must be active or terminated 3. Must have at least one contribution deduction (R%) in at least 5 employed years 4. For years after 2003, the employee must also have worked at least 600 hours in each year with a contribution deduct 5. Only looks at the range of years as designated in input parameters If an employee had at least 5 contribution years from the above rules but did not qualify for vesting because in one or more of those years he/she did not work the required 600 hours, the employee is shown on the Exception Report.
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