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Version 5.2.b - This is an OUS script, run by the Controller's Division, that compares the contents of centrally located "standard" tables (OSBA) with the contents of similar tables in the institution instances. When rows are missing from the remote tables, an error message is written to an external report. When rows match, selected columns are compared between OSBA and the remote instances. Differences in the values from the selected columns are considered errors, which are identified on the external report. Earlier versions of this process performed a check to verify that all rows in OSBA were present in the remote databases, then verified that all rows in the remote databases were also present in OSBA (i.e., 2-way checking). Beginning with version 4.2.b, changes were made to provide the functionality to verify only that all rows in the remote databases are present in OSBA (i.e., 1-way checking).
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