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Summary of Modification for PWRDEDN
Version 8.2.a - This OUS-developed report provides a deduction register for the current month. For each deduction code, the report lists employees (including # of employees) within each plan and deduction code. Totals are provided by plan code and deduction code. The driving element (main selection) in the report is the "Amt Deducted This Month" column. Employee pidm and deduction code are then passed to other parts of the report to come up with "This Month's Adjustments" and "Amt Deducted Last Month " columns. The report can also be run using the first letter of a set of deduction codes, followed by a wildcard (i.e., P%). The other two options for a deduction code remain unchanged (i.e., supply one deduction code for a deduction specific report, or leave null for a report on all deductions).
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