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Summary of Modification for PWRHCFF
PWRHCFF (version 7.2.b) Purpose of this is to provide HCFA with information about Medicare beneficiaries group health plan coverage. This law requires the IRS, the Social Security Administration and the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) to share information that each agency has about whether Medicare beneficiaries or their spouses are working. The process for sharing this information is called IRS/SSA/HCFA Data Match. The purpose of the Data Match is to identify situations where another payer may be primary to Medicare. PWRHCFF is the second of two programs in the process. ETS combines the output files created by program PWRHCFA into one input file for PWRHCFF. Two date lines should be at the top. Line 1 should be the current date in YYYYMMDD format (this will be the certification date). Line 2 should be the query year. in YYYY format. This program creates a report for the functional contact to review plus an output data file to put on CD to send to the government. This program is run by ETS.
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