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Summary of Modification for PWRMSDT
Version 8.3.A - This OUS-developed report, run by Controller's Division payroll staff, provides employee information (in summary form) from several Banner screens, and can be run for multiple years. The report shows birth dates and hire dates; PEIETOT hours, gross and cashback; PWAOEMP PERS information; deduction amounts and gross; job position, suffix, begin and end dates, and ecls information for the ssn's requested. Payroll staff utilize the information to complete "Salary Breakdown" forms for submission to PERS. Security restrictions only permit certain individuals in the Chancellor's Office Payroll Operations group to execute this program. There needs to be a private link from Banner OWAG to the CODW (Chancellor's Office Data Warehouse) set up for the individual's Banner Username. The link is HRDATASTORE_AGGR.JOBS@CODW.WORLD. A DBA would need to perform this task.
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