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Summary of Modification for PWRPBYR
Version 4.2.a - This is an OUS report, run by the Controller's Division, that selects and reports employee deduction data for a chosen time period from OWAG. The report is based on benefit deduction Code and ecls code. All parameters are selected by the user for each execution. The output file is later downloaded into spreadsheets that are maintained by the Controller's Division for PEBB reporting purpose. The report parameters include: COAS - Optional - May be a single "coas"; if blank will select all BDCA - Required - May be one or more "bdca", but cannot be blank. Maximum of 5 "bdca" codes allowed ECLS - Optional - May be one or more ecls", if blank will select all. Maximum of 5 "ecls" codes allowed. Code may be masked (eg: c%) Begin Date - Required - Format: DD-MON-YYYY End Date - REQUIRED - Format: DD-MON-YYYY NOTE: These dates are formatted by the program so they can be compared against the 'timestamp' on the Deduction Table (PWRDEDN). Only deductions which were taken between the BEGIN DATE and END DATE will be reported.
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