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Summary of Modification for PWRPERS
Version 8.7.C Added processing for wage code "02", which corresponds to retirement code "09" on pwaoemp. Excludes retirement code 10 from the main SELECT WHERE clause so that its information doesn't feed to PERS. Modifications for 8.7.B: (1) Added code to retrieve the PIH code deduction amount, then add it to the gross_salary. (2) Pointed code to more efficient pwvebio_table to get biographic information instead of pwbebio table. The large number of records coming in is causing this process to run for hours to get the output. With version 8.7.C: (1) Uses a new formula to calculate gross salary. John Craven (Payroll Ops) reported that the current computation is not coming up with the correct amount for employee with PERS retirement codes. (2) Removed cash back from being added to the gross salary as numbers were selected out of the pwrpers table to produce the list and text files.
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