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Summary of Modification for PWRSCVC
Version 7.2.a - This OUS program compares records in the data dictionary against comparable records in OSBA. The records brought into the comparison process are limited to records associated with the tables appearing on the PWASCPR form. For each table being validated in OSBA, the process ensures that the Banner codes and titles are consistent with the same codes and titles in the data dictionary (which appear on the BSM web page). The Banner Title field (Banner_Title column) in the data dictionary houses the title used in the comparison for all tables except PTVBDTY. PTVBDTY continues to use the Standard Code Business Use Definition field (Vc_Use_Defn column) to house its Title. Also, the description field in the PWRBDPG table is excluded from the comparison, as this table has no description field. When the process completes, a header page always prints, regardless of whether any tables have errors. This paricular version, 6.0.b, contains changes that modified the select to exclude tables/objects that are present in inst_val_code but not in OSBA.
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