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Version 8.8.C- This Banner form is modified as part of the overall OUS cash modification and for the 5th site institutions. Additional 5th site mods include: 1. creating an encumbrance with no vendor, and be able to post a payment without receiving an error message (defect #62996) 2. preventing an invoice from being deleted when it already has a record in FGBTRNH (defect #86971) 3. correctly removing records from invoice-related tables when a record remove is performed on a newly-created invoice against a general encumbrance or purchase order (defect #87972) 4. populating FABINVH with all required information for 1099-related transactions, regardless of navigation (defect #92668) 5. preventing processing of one-time vendors with 1099-reportable transactions (defect #93061) 6. performing Alternate ID (GUIALTI) search from this form (defect #87941) 7. preventing completed invoices from being updated (defect #90856) 8. altered table to expand invoice header from 15 to 25 characters
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