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Summary of Modification forFTMVEND
Version - This Banner form is modified for the 5th sites as follows: (1) an error message is no longer received or the phone number no longer disappears when a user changes the phone number of the address (defect #51462); (2) the form validates the address type and sequence when this information is entered (defect #59474); (3) comments in the SPRTELE form are not deleted when an address is updated (defect #61196); (4) when a user creates a vendor address, then inactivates it and creates a new address with the same address type, the original information is overwritten (defect #61405); (5) when a user enters vendor information, records are inserted into SPRTELE, but now the phone sequence numbers do not start over with FAX and BUS phone types (defect #89684); (6) tabs have been added to this form to simplify the navigation of information such as vendor maintenance, additional information, vendor types, address, and taxes; (7) added FWITXID to vendor the search and enforced TIN entry and VO and VP addresses.
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