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Summary of Modification forPWRAFAC
PWRAFAC (version 8.2.a) This report creates an employee data file that will be used by Chancellor's Office Human Resources when generating the OUS Chancellor's Office Affirmative Action Plan in the fall of each year. The file creates a snapshot of the active workforce in the Chancellor's Office (chart K) based on the dates entered in parameter 01 (Begin Date) and 02 (End Date). The parameters in this program allow the report to be run in two ways. If you only enter values in parameters 01 and 02, and leave parameter 03 (Full Year Report) blank, then the output should show each employee with only one record. This one record should reflect the most current job detail record for that employee that falls within the date range entered in paratmeters 01 and 02. If you run the report with a "Y" value in parameter 03 (Full Year Report) then the file will include all job detail records for the employee that fall within the date range entered in parameters 01 and 02.
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