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Summary of Modification forFGRODTH
Version 8.0.b - This OUS report is cloned from SunGard's FGRODTA report. The report displays expenses, budget and encumbrance activity within a specified period. Ous mods made to (1) fix FOAPAL summary revenue totals line that sometimes fails to print revenue totals, (2) print correct heading when no index is found, (3) use the beginning date parameter instead of sysdate to report terminated indexes active as of beginning date and (4) added parameter to allow use of system date or Report start date as the effective date. Additionally, parameter notations are as follows: Parm 05: Not-null Index code causes selection to disregard the Fund, Orgn, and Program parameters in the query. Do NOT enter Index Code if fund range, orgn range and program code parms are valued and vice versa. Parm 11: Not-null Activity code overrides activity code (if any) existing on Index Code in parameter 05. (See additional info for further detail) Parm 17: Terminated Index Indicator is used in conjunction with parameter 05 Index Code and allows user to query a Terminated Index. USE ONLY WHEN INDEX CODE (PARM 05) IS TERMINATED. The addition of parameter 17 began when a user tried to report on a terminated index code. The report originally extracted the foapal from the index using the sysdate but could not return any results if the Index was terminated. `Y? in parameter 17 uses the Report Start Date in the next change date logic for validating the entered index. A blank or `N? uses the current date to validate the index. If the Index?s terminated date is prior to the Report Start Date the query will not return any data.Additionally, if the Index Code is terminated, the Activity Code parameter 11 is entered and the Activity Code?s effect date is greater the Report Start Date, then the query report will not return any data.
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